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Rocking Care Instructions

How to choose a toy?

We are aware our shop has an abundance of choices when it comes to dog training toys, but which one, I hear you ask, is best for your fur companion? Which one will be most attractive, motivational, and efficient for your training time together? Which one is the ultimate perfect toy for both of you?Before you make your choice, we ask you to observe your dog for a while and see how s/he likes to play the best. Perhaps they love their fetch games with the ball? Perhaps it is a natural fur they go crazy about? If fur is your answer, then is it longer or shorter hair they like? Or perhaps it is not fur at all?Watch for your fur friends' temper and age – is your dog gentle, shy, or likes to keep a distance? Or perhaps likes a tug-of-war game when is as close to you as possible (so grabs on the longer leash to get closer)? Dogs with bigger tempers should always get a toy with a bungee.What is the size of your dog? For the smallest of breeds and pups, we recommend the smallest toys (however, with long handles – to spare you leaning forward). Be also mindful about ball choices; we have them tougher, softer, shining in the dark – you can use your imagination, and we will make your dream come true!


How to choose a bungee strength?

We have access to many colours, and you can choose the strength of a bungee out of four (yes! four!) different ones we supply:

  1. LIGHT (recommended for dogs up to 10kg)

  2. STRONG (recommended for dogs between 10-25kg)

  3. SUPER STRONG (recommended for dogs of 25kg or more)

  4. EXTREME STRONG (special orders only – send us a message if this is what you need)


Please remember that all recommendations are indicative. You may also have a tiny dog with the strength of a Thor in which case you will need a stronger bungee, whereas sometimes you may come across a massive yet gentle dog that will require the lightest version of a bungee, or perhaps no bungee at all! That is why it is best to choose exactly what your dog needs based on observations rather than general recommendations.You can even create your unique, personalised set! The perfect option for breeders, trainers or anyone who loves a particular colour and is obsessed with matching items.Everything we make is handmade by one woman only (see our origin section), every toy is unique, and even though they look similar, you will not find two exactly the same-looking toys. How wonderful is that?



How to care for our (but not only) fur toys:

If you want the toy to serve your pet for a very long time, below you can find some simple rules that will extend the life of our training toys: 


1. Remember that most of our toys are made of natural sheep fur - therefore, they must not be washed in a washing machine because the fur will be damaged by high temperature and detergents.

2. If the handle becomes dirty, it is best to hand-wash it under low-temperature water using a mild detergent, taking care to keep the fur out of running water.

3. Fur in toys should be carefully brushed/combed once in a while to improve their structure and appearance. To prevent fur damage, remember to do this only when the toy is dry.

4. Post play time, keep the toy out of the dog's reach until the next time you play/train. Never leave your dog alone with a training toy (natural, intensely smelling sheep fur often triggers a dog's hunting behaviour, which may cause damage).

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