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Rock & Dog Origin

The person behind the brand is a good friend of mine, Marta Jakoniuk. Marta is a brave young woman who designed and made the product according to her needs and with love for her dog Brendi. Rock & Dog is a one-woman business; everything is handmade by Marta to perfection.​How can you NOT fall in love with Rock & Dog?

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'I dreamt of the perfect, colourful yet practical and functional training toy for my own dog. I made the first three toys in February 2017 for my dog Brendi. Very soon after that, I received several orders from my friends. A month later, I officially opened my Rock & Dog business and started making products daily.... and throughout the nights 🙂.

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Rock & Dog gives you and your dog many opportunities; your dog will find your instincts, and the bond and trust between you and your dog will grow stronger. My training toys are irreplaceable in any dog sport, whether obedience, agility or other.

When I create my toys, I put all my heart into them. The most important thing for me is to make perfect, durable, best-quality training toys so that you can play/train and have fun with your dog for a long time.

The love for dogs started my lifestyle and career,

Marta 🐾💕'

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My name is Aneta and I love all things pretty and of the best quality. There is a lot I can take on as I am a radiographer by profession, but I never compromise on quality. Once our prefect pooch joined our family I immediately knew I want what is BEST for him. We did all sorts of classes, and pay a fortune for his food, but I was yet to find the perfect training toys for him. With him being a mix of a poodle and a spaniel it is not an easy job. 

Nothing was strong enough when pretty, and nothing was pretty enough when strong... But then I met with Marta, my high school friend. A trainer herself, but with a sense of class as she is involved in the fashion industry, she told me she makes these beautiful, yet extremely strong toys for her dog. 

I ordered Marvel's first set and I knew this is it! 



All Rock&Dog UK toys are made with a heavy-duty polypropylene webbing, that can withhold over 500kg of pull, has up to 25% of elongation at maximum breaking point, and excellent abrasion resistance, it is NOT affected by moisture (priceless in the UK!), it is difficult to ignite and burns slowly AND is resistant to most common chemicals. We have so many colours to choose from too, thanks to our amazing supplier.​

Our sheepskin is of the best quality, a waste product of the meat industry, it comes from either Tatra mountain or Irish sheep. We NEVER dye our sheep furs, everything you get is 100% natural and super safe for your dog.

Because quality and safety are our top priority, you will not find faux fur or dyed fur in our offer, however, as a fur alternative, we do have fleece and shaggy fabric super strong training toys available - check them out!



Balls are a major component of our toys and are something we pride ourselves on. 

No dog is the same, no jaws are the same size, therefore no same ball should be used for every dog. 

We know there are plenty of balls to choose from out there, however, not all are safe for our dogs.

While some dogs like to tear apart the tennis ball's yellow-green hair, they cannot digest the rubber or furry cover at all. These fragments might eventually cause intestinal obstructions and choking dangers, posing a serious medical emergency that can necessitate surgery.

That is why we supply our tennis and golf balls from one and only Planet Dog. The best of the best - I did mention we don't compromise on quality, right?

We also supply our balls from

ChuckIt - the glow-in-the-dark one is my favourite! 

JW Pet Hollee - perfect for stuffing treats, or some fluff within!

Petstage Orca - extremely tough!

Hoko  -  Foamy, soft ball that allows your Simple Rock to float!

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