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Pre-Order Custom-made Rock&Dog Toy in your favourite colours!


Sheepskin Patterns & Webbing Colours

PATTERN WEBBING 1_edited_edited.jpg

Shaggy Fabric Colours



You can choose from these balls:

Planet Dog Tennis, Golf and Rasberry. The best of the best - I did mention we don't compromise on quality, right?

We also supply our balls from

ChuckIt - the glow-in-the-dark one is my favourite! 

JW Pet Hollee Roller and Crackle Head- perfect for stuffing treats or some fluff within!

Petstage Orca - extremely tough!

Hoko  -  Foamy, a soft ball that allows your Simple Rock to float!


Bungee Strength

The diameter of a bungee cord gives a rough indication of its strength. In fact – The wider the bungee cord is, the stronger it will be. This is a crucial factor to consider. It would be best to ensure your new toy can successfully support enough weight for its intended application. There is no one-size-fits-all here.


Stronger the dog, the bigger the cord! In our range, we have 4 bungee strengths, with the light one being stronger than any other on the market, fact-checked! The quality is everything!

You can choose from four bungee strengths:

Light - for dogs up to 10ks.

Strong - for dogs 10-25kg 

Super Strong - for dogs 25kg or more.

Extreme Strong - extremely tough!

Rock&Dog UK Make-Your-Own Set Scheme

matching set 3.jpg
stal set.jpg

Make-Your-Own Set Scheme

Just imagine what your favourite set would look like, choose your colours, and make an order. For sets of 5 or more training toys, you will get a whopping 15% off the whole order! Your dog rocks, you rock, we rock - Rock&Dog!

Let’s Work Together

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