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It is a small training fur toy with a short handle but without a bungee, with an extra LIKER 5 ball at the end. The most significant advantage of a soft series is its small size – it is a perfect pocket toy! The toy is designed for the smallest fur babies but is also ideal for pup fetch training, agility, obedience and all dog sports we can think of! It is perfect for teaching puppies to swap toys, but it is also an ideal option for rewarding our dog for the amazingly accomplished task on the field. The main advantage of natural skin toys is that they encourage our dogs to play, stimulate their instinct, and motivate our pets to do their jobs.

The LIKER stands out with its unique material, seamlessly blending the best qualities of rubber, plastic, nylon, and cotton. Crafted from a safe, non-toxic, scentless, lightweight, and durable material, the LIKER Ball allows your dog to experience a gentle, squishy sensation without compromising their teeth and gums. Enjoyed in water games, these balls float high, making them easy for your dog to retrieve without ingesting excess water*

Super Features:

A safe alternative to tennis balls, suitable for use in ball throwers to prevent issues like swallowing fluffy fabric.

Lightweight and manoeuvrable, ensuring it won't cause damage like heavier tennis balls.

Floating capability, staying mostly above the water surface during water play.

Exceedingly difficult to lose, thanks to its distinctive orange colour.

The unique LIKER material is non-toxic, offering peace of mind.

Gentle and elastic, the material avoids causing injuries.

Note: The LIKER ball is not intended for unsupervised chewing.

*not suitable for water games when combined with natural skin toys

Soft Rock LIKER 5

  • Soft Rock is made of natural sheep fur ended with a ball and a soft yet strong strap handle. The handle is made with resistant and easy-to-maintain fabric. Due to the nature of fur, toys may vary in thickness, density, colour, and length, but the overall length should be approx. 33 cm (13 inches), fur length 15 cm (6 inches)

  • Remember!

    - Never wash a fur toy in the washing machine, and never use a tumble drier.

    - Do not leave a dog unattended with a toy; natural fur is very tempting for dogs, and leaving a dog alone with a toy will most likely damage the toy.

    - Every toy will be slightly different due to the nature of the fur; the picture is a guide.

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