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We've taken a little twist on our Twist Shaggy, and here is the outcome!


Amazing, versatile Lead with a Twist. It can be made with a figure of 8, a martingale collar, or no collar. The sky is your limit, and hence there is no sky (a bit of science fact); there is no limit!


Once pre-ordered, please message us which colours you would like included in the making of your lead. Please pick one webbing colour and a couple of shaggy fabrics. 


The sizes for Figure 8 collars:

  • Medium - 65cm (26inch) to 78cm (31inch) (Recommended for breeds such as Border Collie, Bearded Collie, and Spaniel)
  • Large - 75cm (31inch) to 88cm (35inch) (Recommended for breeds such as Labrador, Dalmatian)

Walk Rock Shaggy

  • Remember!

    - Do not leave a dog unattended with a toy; Twist Rock is an interactive training toy, and leaving a dog alone with it will most likely lead to damage.

    ​- Never wash a Twist Rock fur option in the washing machine, and never use a tumble drier.

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