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Rock Your Dog!
The best dog toys in the world!


Sheepskin, Goatskin and Rabbit skin Tug Toys

Handcrafted to perfection


Best Sellers

Best Sellers

Rock&Dog – Exceptional toys created with passion and care.

We create beautiful, colourful, solid toys for beginners, expert dogs and every dog in-between to throw, catch and play tug-of-war games. Every toy found in our shop is designed and made by us. Our products are made of well-proven fabrics, and we supply our sheepskin from the Tatra region and Ireland. Our rabbit skins are the perfect alternative for those not liking that bulky feel. The goat skins from the Tatra region are an ideal rabbit alternative and are still suitable for the toughest tuggers. 

In our shop, you will find toys perfect for all kind of breed and size dogs. It will not matter if your dog is a pup, a sofa lion, a sporty spirit, or household mischief; we are sure they will find their favourite toy here with us!

Our toys have various sizes, shapes, colours, and strengths and are made with authentic fur, long and short leads, bungee-style shock absorbers and many different types of balls. We own the best quality fur, all different thicknesses, lengths and densities, none artificially dyed. We only supply skins meeting European quality requirements and of the best origin. 

We create every toy with the thought of you and your dog's needs! We aim for our products to be strong and for you both to enjoy them for a long time.


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